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Alabama State Rules of Civil Procedure

The rules that govern civil procedure in Alabama state courts are referred to as the “Code of Civil Practice.”  The rules are provided in Title 6 of the Code of Alabama.  The rules specifically regulate all aspects of civil legal matters such as venue, process, service, actions, remedies, and judgments.

Chapter 1 of the code describes the effect of Supreme Court rules.  Limitation of Actions under chapter 2 sets forth the statute of limitations and time provisions for the commencement of actions.

Chapter 3 discusses the venue of a civil actions, including how to change and transfer venue.  Chapter 4 gives details on completing process and service including time for execution and return and general method of service.  Chapter 5 in the code explains the procedure for all actions.  The first four articles in chapter 5 address types of actions by the state, against counties.  The other 30 articles in this chapter address specific actions such as nuisances and personal property actions.

All the options available to the court for remedy or correction are listed in chapter 6.  This chapter has 17 articles which cover remedies such as settlement, attachment, and injunction.  Parties in an action are specifically referred to in chapter 7.  Anything which cannot be categorized in other chapters is covered in chapter 8.  Chapter 9 deals with judgment related proceedings such as executions, bonds, and setting aside.

Options such as exemption from levy and sale, administration and payment of debts and waiver of right to exemption are explained in Chapter 10.  Chapter 11 of the code regulates structural and punitive damages.  Chapter 12 of the code refers to tobacco manufacturer funds and settlements.

Alabama State Rules of Civil Procedure

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