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Illinois Rules of Civil Procedure

The Illinois Rules of Civil Procedure lays= down the rules that should be followed by Illinois state courts.  The rules govern civil actions.  The rules are promulgated for the smooth and efficient functioning of state courts.  A civil action commences with the filing of a complaint.  Party who commences the action is called the plaintiff, and the opposite party is called the defendant.  Once a complaint is filed, the court clerk will issue the required summons to the defendant(s) upon plaintiff’s request.

The main types of pleadings in Illinois courts are: Complaint, Answer to Complaint, Counter claim and Reply to Answer.

After commencement of the action, a party may demand for trial by jury.  The party must make the demand not later than filing his/her answer.  If not, it will be deemed that the party has waived his/her right to jury trial.  A judgment is passed after trial.

Illinois Code of Civil Procedure

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