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South Dakota Rules of Evidence

Chapters 19-9 to 19-18 of South Dakota Codified Laws, govern proceedings in the courts of South Dakota to the extent and with the exceptions stated in § 19-9-14.S.D. Codified Laws.  Chapters 19-9 to 19-18 apply to all actions and proceedings in the courts of South Dakota except as otherwise provided.  These chapters other than those with respect to privileges do not apply in situations such as:

  • The determination of questions of fact preliminary to admissibility of evidence;
  • Small claims court proceedings;
  • Proceedings for extradition or rendition;
  • Sentencing, or granting or revoking probation;
  • Issuance of warrants for arrest, criminal summonses, and search warrants;
  • Proceedings with respect to release on bail or otherwise;
  • Disposition hearings in juvenile court; and
  • Contempt proceedings in which the court may act summarily.

Table of Contents of South Dakota Rules of Evidence


    § 19-9-1. (Rule 101) Scope 

    § 19-9-2. (Rule 102) Purpose and construction 

    § 19-9-3. (Rule 103 (a)) Error predicated on evidentiary ruling affecting substantial right 

    § 19-9-4. (Rule 103 (b)) Statement by court of offer and ruling on evidence 

    § 19-9-5. (Rule 103 (c)) Proceedings to be conducted to keep inadmissible evidence from jury 

    § 19-9-6. (Rule 103 (d)) Taking notice of plain errors not brought to court’s attention 

    § 19-9-7. (Rule 104 (a)) Court to determine preliminary questions 

    § 19-9-8. (Rule 104 (b)) Relevancy of evidence dependent on condition of fact 

    § 19-9-9. (Rule 104 (c)) Certain hearings to be conducted without jury present 

    § 19-9-10. (Rule 104 (d)) Testimony of accused on preliminary matter 

    § 19-9-11. (Rule 104 (e)) Right of party to introduce evidence relevant to weight or credibility 

    § 19-9-12. (Rule 105) Evidence admissible for limited purpose 

    § 19-9-13. (Rule 106) Introduction of written or recorded statements 

    § 19-9-14. (Rule 1101) Applicability of chapter 

    § 19-9-15. (Rule 1102) Citation of chapter

South Dakota Rules of Evidence

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