Connecticut Jury Selection

Jury selection refers to a procedure employed to choose the people from among the community using a reasonably random method to serve on a trial jury.  All jurors shall be electors, or citizens of the United States who are residents of Connecticut.  They should have a permanent place of abode in the state and appear on the list compiled by the jury administrator who have reached the age of eighteen[i].

A person shall be disqualified to serve as a juror if such person

  • is found by a judge of the Superior Court to exhibit any quality which will impair the capacity of such person to serve as a juror, except that no person shall be disqualified on the basis of deafness or hearing impairment;
  • has been convicted of a felony within the past seven years or is a defendant in a pending felony case or is in the custody of the Commissioner of Correction;
  • is not able to speak and understand the English language;
  • is the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of the State, Treasurer, Comptroller or Attorney General;
  • is a judge of the Probate Court, Superior Court, Appellate Court or Supreme Court, is a family support magistrate or is a federal court judge;
  • is a member of the General Assembly, provided such disqualification shall apply only while the General Assembly is in session;
  • is seventy years of age or older and chooses not to perform juror service; or
  • is incapable, by reason of a physical or mental disability, of rendering satisfactory juror service.[ii]

The jury administrator is appointed in accordance with section 51-10 and subject to supervision by the Chief Court Administrator, shall be responsible for qualifying, summoning, selecting, managing and utilizing jurors in the Superior Court.  The length of the term of service for jurors shall be one day except if a juror is impaneled on a jury trial that lasts more than one day[iii].

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