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Illinois Jury Selection

Jury selection refers to a procedure employed to choose the people from among the community using a reasonably random method to serve on a trial jury.  At the September meeting of the county board in each year in the respective counties in Illinois, except those that have jury commissioners, the board shall select prospective jurors from the list the number of persons as the judges of the circuit courts, to be held in the county during the succeeding year. 

Jurors in all counties in Illinois must be:

  • Inhabitants of the county.
  • Of the age of 18 years or upwards.
  • Free from all legal exception, of fair character, of approved integrity, of sound judgment, well informed, and able to understand the English language, whether in spoken or written form or interpreted into sign language.
  • Citizens of the United States of America.

The combination of the lists of registered voters, driver’s license, Illinois Identification Card, and Illinois Disabled Person Identification Card holders together with preparation of jury lists shall, when requested by the Chief Judge or his designee, be accomplished through the services of the administrative office of the Illinois Courts.

The judge shall examine the jurors who are not subject to any of the disqualifications after all excuses are allowed.  If for any reason the panel of petit jurors shall not be full at any time the clerk of such court may again repair to the office of the county clerk and draw in such number of jurors as the court shall direct, to fill such panel. 

In case a jury is required in such court for trial of any cause, before the panel is filled, the court shall direct the sheriff to summon from the bystanders, or from the body of the county, a sufficient number of persons having the qualifications of jurors, to fill the panel.

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